10 julio, 2024



Things are getting exciting at Instituto Salesiano Pedro Justo Berrío! The teachers and administrative staff are all in on a new project that’s set to seriously boost the school vibe. They’re kicking off a “PLC”(Professional Learning Community) where everyone’s diving into learning English as a second language. The goal? Make sure nobody misses out on this bilingual journey!

A couple of years ago, they started holding weekly sessions after school where they gather to take English
lessons, share resources, and even engage in games and interactive activities. It’s pretty cool seeing everyone from math teachers to P.E instructors getting their English on. And they’re not just sticking to traditional methods— they’re also leveraging tech tools to make learning more dynamic and fun.

The best part? This initiative is fostering a unique collaborative spirit, where everyone learns from
each other. And of course, there’s plenty of laughter, especially when someone tries out their new English
phrases. This is the start of something big, and who knows, maybe the next school event will be entirely in English!